Quality Certifications

For every product and service offered worldwide, it is the policy of Murata Power Solutions to fully understand the requirements of our customers, and stake holders and deliver those requirements. This policy includes compliance with all regulatory, State or Federal standards as they apply to Murata Power Solutions. Murata Power Solutions employees are committed to continuous improvement that shall be achieved through the setting of measurable objectives that are regularly reviewed by management to assess the effectiveness and suitability of the quality system.

  • PLAN to satisfy the customer
  • DO what is required by the PLAN
  • CHECK how well we performed to the PLAN
  • ACT to improve our performance to the PLAN

Quality Objectives

  • Development of innovative products/solutions as per customers and market requirements.
  • To deliver quality and reliable products and services to customers at competitive cost and within timeline.
  • To comply with regulatory, federal, safety and industry standards that applies.
  • Continuous Improvement.

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