Export Control Compliance

Murata Power Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “MPS”) is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity, and in full compliance with U.S. laws and regulations that restrict exports and govern international business activities. The management of MPS directs every officer, director, agent, and employee of MPS involved in international business transactions to understand the basic elements of such laws and to comply with them at all times. MPS compliance with these laws is a critical component of the Company’s reputation and success. The MPS Export Compliance Manual (the “Manual”) describes the U.S. laws and regulations applicable to MPS, and establishes procedures that MPS personnel must follow to ensure compliance with those laws and regulations.

The U.S. Government has in place export control laws and regulations designed to ensure that transfers of products, services and technology are accomplished in a manner that is consistent with national security and foreign policy goals. These laws apply to transfers of goods and technology to foreign companies and foreign persons, whether in the United States or abroad. The United States has also promulgated sanctions that restrict trade, investment, and financial transactions with certain countries, organizations, and individuals, as well as prohibitions on complying with unsanctioned foreign boycotts. MPS supports the purpose of these laws -- to ensure that sensitive products and technology do not fall into the hands of those who may misuse them.

It is MPS corporate policy to comply with not only the letter, but also the spirit and intent of all export controls, sanctions, and anti-boycott laws and regulations of the United States and the countries where we do business. Under no circumstances may an export, re-export or import (whether of a service, a commodity, technical data, or technology) or any other transaction be made contrary to these laws and regulations or to MPS policies and procedures governing international transactions. To ensure MPS compliance, all international transactions must be properly screened and licensed before they occur. Failure to comply with U.S. export control laws and trade sanctions can result in criminal sanctions, civil fines, debarment from government contracting, the loss of U.S. export/import privileges, and imprisonment. These penalties can be levied against the corporation and against individuals. Noncompliance by MPS personnel will be met with appropriate disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination.

In issuing this Statement, the Officers of MPS reaffirms the Company’s commitment to full compliance with U.S. export controls, sanctions, and anti-boycott laws. While in most cases an international business opportunity will be permissible under U.S. law, in some instances a transaction may require licensing or other prior approval from the U.S. Government. In other instances, a transaction will be prohibited, and MPS will not be able to proceed. The Officers of MPS recognizes that compliance with U.S. laws and regulations is more important than any sale.

To ensure MPS commitment to compliance and to assist you as you pursue your day-to-day responsibilities, the officers of MPS are charged with establishing and maintaining the policies and procedures that are necessary to ensure that MPS maintains compliance. Management is also responsible for training MPS personnel, and providing other compliance resources.

MPS expects every one of its employees, officers, agents, and directors, wherever located, to adhere to the Company’s commitment to compliance. It is your responsibility to have a basic understanding of export control, sanctions, and anti-boycott laws; know the requirements of MPS compliance procedures where applicable to your duties; and seek appropriate guidance in a timely manner.

If you have any queries regarding Murata Power Solutions Export Compliance Policy please contact the Export Compliance Officer.