78XXSR High-Efficiency, Step-Down Switchers Deliver More Current than LM78XX Linears

78XXSR : High-Efficiency, Step-Down Switchers Deliver More Current than LM78XX Linears

Full-load, +70°C operation from 7.5 to 36V supplies without heat sinks or fans outputs

  • 3-pin sub-miniature SIP package fits LM7805 and LM7812 footprints
  • Up to 95% efficiency-no heat sinks, fans, or derating for +70°C operation
  • 3.3V@0.5A, 5V@0.5A or 12V@0.4A low-noise outputs (<10mVp-pk)
  • +7.5-36Vdc input range; Ultra-low 3mA quiescent current
  • No external I/O capacitors required; Occupies <0.1 square inch pc-board space
  • Excellent load (±0.2% max.) and line (±0.3% max.) regulation
  • Ideal for powering portable instrumentation from 9V/12V/24V/28V batteries
Murata Power Solutions series of MPS 78SR switching regulators are perfect for cost-sensitive applications where the maximum load current is ½ an amp or less. 7805SR (+5V/0.5A), 7812SR (+12V/0.4A) and 7803SR (+3.3V/0.5A) are high efficiency, easy-to-use, drop-in replacements for power-hungry LM78xx linear regulators. They're 100% pin- and size-compatible with industry-standard, 3-pin TO-220 plastic packages. Two package styles are available: a standard vertical-mount SIP that occupies less than 0.1 square inch of pc-board real estate, and a horizontal-mount version that allows for an installed height of less than 0.350 inches. 78SR Series' 260KHz switching frequency produces efficiencies as high as 95% for 12V models, and 85% for 3.3V and 5V models. Full-load operation from 9V, 12V, 24V, 28V or 36V supplies-at ambient temperatures as high as +70°C-requires no heat sinks, no forced-air cooling, and no temperature derating, making the 78SR a cost-effective alternative in new and existing LM7805/LM7812 designs. And the high efficiency can dramatically increase battery life in portable instrumentation and standby-power applications and other applications that require full-load operation at elevated supply voltages and/or elevated temperatures. 78SR Series switching regulators offer additional improvements over their linear counterparts, including lower quiescent current (3mA vs. 5 mA), higher operating input voltage (+36V vs. +32V), and significantly tighter output accuracy (±1.5% vs. ±5%). Their excellent line and load regulation of ±0.3% and ±0.2%, respectively, allows operation from poorly-regulated dc supplies. And, unlike their linear counterparts, these switchers don't need any external input or output capacitors to provide stable, low-noise outputs. Ref. CD210A

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Published at: 26-06-2006