ACA-20RM : Self-Contained true-RMS Ammeters provide compact and easy-to-use solution for measurement of non-sinusoidal AC currents

ACA-20RM : Self-Contained true-RMS Ammeters provide compact and easy-to-use solution for measurement of non-sinusoidal AC currents EN | FR | DE | CN | JP | DN
  • Five models provide current measurement from 0 to 50A
  • Large easy-to-read red LED display
  • Choice of either 120V or 220V (nominal) operation
Murata Power Solution's new ACA-20RM series are the world's first true-RMS responding digital AC ammeters with built-in current transformers (CTs). They are able to provide direct measurement of the true-RMS values of complex, non-sinusoidal AC currents of between 2A and 50A. Ideal for use in the latest computer and telecom equipment, the compact, self-powered, single-board modules feature a large, easy-to-read LED display and provide an ideal replacement for older, less reliable, analog panel meters. The Murata Power Solutions ACA-20RM series comprises five models with current ranges of: 0 - 0.2A (0.1mA resolution), 0-2A (0.001A resolution), 0 - 20A (0.01A resolution), 0-30A (0.1A resolution), and 0 - 50A (0.1A resolution). The modules are self-powered with both 120V (85-140VAC) and 220V (170-264VAC) versions available. Power consumption is less than 50mA. The on-board, miniature, high-turns ratio CTs provide an accurate and straightforward way to measure AC load currents. The 50A model features an over-sized split core transformer to ease installation and accommodate wires up to 4AWG (21.1mm2). All ACA-20RM series True-RMS-AC Ammeters utilize low power consumption, bright red LED displays with easy-to-read full-size 0.37in. (9.4mm) high characters. The completely self-contained design of the modules enhances reliability and means that no external components are required. Precision auto-zeroing circuitry, super-stable components and an RMS-to-DC converter circuit combine to give the ACA-20RM series excellent performance. A built-in bezel / filter assembly with metal fasteners allows straightforward assembly of the new Ammeters into customer applications. All models use UL and CSA recognized components and have overall dimensions of 1.826in. (46.38mm) X 1.280in. (32.51mm). Operating temperature range is 0ºC to +60ºC. Ref. MPS279A

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Published at: 16-04-2008