78SR : 2 Amp, 3.3V & 5V Output, High Efficiency, Synchronous Switching Regulators

78SR : 2 Amp, 3.3V & 5V Output, High Efficiency, Synchronous Switching Regulators
  • Up to 95% efficiency at full load without costly heat sinks or fans
  • 3.3V/2A & 5V/2A outputs are pin-compatible with 1.5A 78xx modules
  • Wide 8 to 32Vdc input voltage range with ±0.35% line regulation
  • -40 to +70°C full load operation at 24Vin with no thermal derating
Murata Power Solutions' new 78SR Series 2A switching regulators provide high operating efficiency for applications requiring 3.3V or 5V outputs, at 2 Amps or less, from 8 to 32V inputs. At a nominal 12V input, full-load efficiencies approach 96% for 5V models, and 93% for 3.3V models. Unlike competitive products which typically suffer significant efficiency drops at low load currents, 78SR switching regulators operating at 12Vin and 25% load (0.5A) deliver efficiencies of 90% for 5V models, and 87% for 3.3V models. Choice of rugged 3-pin SIP packages 78SR Series switching regulators are available in two space-saving 0.8in. x 0.85in. (20.3 x 21.6mm) package styles: a standard vertical-mount SIP which occupies less than 0.09in2. (58mm2) of PCB real estate, and for applications with height restrictions, a horizontal-mount version with an installed height of less than 0.30in. (7.6mm). Both packages feature sturdy 0.025in. (0.6mm) square pins that securely support the units without additional hardware or mounting tabs. No thermal derating with 12 or 24V inputs The 78SR 2A Series has a 210 KHz switching frequency, optimized low-loss layout, and an open frame construction. This allows for full-load operation from 9V, 12V, or 24V, supplies at ambient temperatures up to +70°C without heat sinks, forced-air cooling or temperature derating. This high efficiency can dramatically increase battery life in portable instrumentation and standby-power applications, while also providing lower overall operating costs. Enhanced performance The new switching regulators offer several additional improvements over their linear counterparts. These include higher operating input voltage (32V vs. 28V), higher output current (2A vs. 1.5A), and significantly tighter output accuracy (±2% vs. ±5%). Excellent line and load regulation of ±0.35% and ±0.25%, respectively, allows for operation from poorly-regulated dc supplies. Unlike their linear counterparts they do not need any external input or output capacitors to provide stable, low-noise operation. Numerous applications 78SR switching regulators are low cost, pin and function compatible upgrades for competitive 0.5 to 2 Amp output, linear or switch-mode 3-pin modules. Applications for the new regulators include: Battery powered instruments, test equipment and fixtures, 12V/24V automotive, marine and recreational vehicles, military and aerospace electronics, industrial control instrumentation, and battery back-up power systems. Price and Availability Contact factory for pricing. Lead-times are from stock to 12 weeks. Free sample/evaluation units for qualified OEMs are immediately available from stock. Detailed data sheets and inventory information are available at www.murata-ps.com. Ref. CD259

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Published at: 01-10-2007