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Murata Power Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes DC-DC Converter, AC-DC Power Supply, Magnetic and Digital Panel Meter product lines, and offers these products in custom, standard and modified-standard variations. Murata products are used within electronic applications serving major global market sectors including telecommunications, computing, industrial controls, healthcare, energy management systems and more.

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» True RMS AC voltmeter
» PAH: 450W 1/2 Brick DC-DC
» RUW: 10:1 15W Railway DC-DC

Selecting Isolated Brick DC/DC Converters
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Murata Power Solutions is a market leading supplier of DC to DC converters, AC to DC power converters, magnetics and digital panel meters. The company's DC DC converter product line includes a complete range of high performance isolated dc-dc, board mount power and non-isolated point-of-loads dc to dc. Standard and custom AC DC power supply products include high efficiency and high power density front end ac-dc modules for distributed power architectures and industry-standard open frame ac-to-dc, u-channel, and Compact PCI power solutions. Murata Power Solutions also offers a broad range of magnetics for power line filtering and isolation, including inductors, common-mode chokes, and pulse and current sense transformers. Our offering of digital panel meter products has been recognized as the industry's most versatile for a variety of applications. Using fully integrated component structures, low-profile packaging, and fast response topologies, Murata Power Solution's designs meet or exceeds industry-standard efficiency specifications for both AC-DC converter and DC-DC power supply offerings.